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    • Creating a Block-based Theme Using Block Templates January 21, 2020
      This post outlines the steps I took to create a block-based theme version of Twenty Twenty. Thanks to Kjell Reigstad for helping develop the theme and write this post. There’s been a lot of conversation around how theme development changes as Full Site Editing using Gutenberg becomes a reality. Block templates are an experimental feature […]
      Jeff Ong
    • Customizing Gutenberg blocks with block styles February 15, 2019
      Block styles are a simple way to get started with Gutenberg development: With a few lines of CSS, you can build something that feels like a whole new custom block.
      Kjell Reigstad
    • A schema for Gutenberg blocks January 29, 2019
      At Jetpack we recently created a new Gutenberg block which displays “Related Posts”. This block is similar in content to the “Latest Posts” block in WordPress.org; it’s just a list of posts. The difference is the way the posts are displayed: There are plans afoot to update the “Latest Posts” block, so that it contains […]
      Ben Dwyer
    • Blocks, templates, and styles: architecture for a Gutenberg world January 17, 2019
      Exploring ideas about the evolution of layout and presentation in a post-Gutenberg world
      Alexis Lloyd
    • Designing a Gutenberg-Powered Theme: Music June 4, 2018
      Kjell Reigstad walks through his experience designing a block-powered theme.
      Kjell Reigstad
    • Music: A Gutenberg-Powered Theme May 22, 2018
      Announcing the Music theme: an exploration of how Gutenberg can transform theme design and development.
      Kjell Reigstad
    • Designing Themes with Gutenberg Blocks and Sketch March 7, 2018
      Follow Kjell Reigstad’s process as he explores designing a block-driven theme with Sketch, for the Gutenberg era.
      Kjell Reigstad
    • Styling Themes for Gutenberg February 15, 2018
      What we learned by developing three themes with Gutenberg in mind.
      Laurel Fulford
    • Lodestar Launches February 5, 2018
      Lodestar is now launched on WordPress.org. Designed by Mel Choyce and developed by Laurel Fulford, Lodestar is a precursor to Twenty Seventeen, and you’ll see echoes of that default theme throughout, starting with its multi-panel front-page layout. A filterable portfolio section is available through Jetpack, along with a stylish testimonials page. Mel shares a bit […]
      Kathryn P.
    • Studying TextBook November 21, 2017
      We’re pleased to announce the launch of TextBook in the WordPress.org directory. Created by Allan Cole, TextBook helps schools, colleges, and other non-profit organizations to distribute and archive information in an easy way. Supported by Jetpack, it includes a Featured Content area for highlighting key posts or pages, a social menu, and Testimonials, ideal for […]
      Kathryn P.


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